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Finding Beloved Brand Name Handbags for Less – It’s Actually Simple!

download (10)There are, of course, disadvantages as well as advantages to both routes. This choice is up to the shopper, but most agree that a longer-lasting brand name handbag is a smart investment and if at all possible they should choose to purchase them over those that will only last a couple years at most. Here are some ways in which anyone can buy a top, designer brand name handbag for less than retail.

Step One:

Stop wasting money on lesser handbags. Just because a person can’t afford a new, brand name handbag doesn’t mean they should continue to throw cash into one that will under-deliver. All of the classics are still available today, whether they are this season’s newest design or from many years ago. They are still worn and sought after no matter how “old” they are. So with a bit of fortitude one can find them for much less than the original price and still be in style.

Know this, many of the premier handbags by top names can sell for up to 75% of their retail value depending on condition, and are a smarter investment for hard earned money.

Step Two:

Start Using the Following Tips to Find Great Designer Handbags for Less

These methods are tried and true, and will land the buyer several brand name handbags of which to add to their wardrobe and choose from on a daily basis!

Boutique shopping – Believe it or not, boutiques do offer sales. It can be difficult to be in the know about these unless one is a regular shopper. Visit the store often and be savvy by paying attention to store signs. Sign up for their mailing list and possible get a special invite to upcoming sale events. Usually, sales are mid-year and in May or June as they want to clean out the “old” items and make way for new releases.

Online Stores – Many find that online stores are perfect for taking advantage of authentic, brand name handbags as long as they carry a guarantee. It’s also a convenient way to shop and offer huge discounts. They carry a variety of top brands to make sure to check them often.

Department Stores – It’s a given that department stores will carry lower priced premier brand name handbags as long as one shops at the right time. One skill that bargain hunters have is knowing when these big sales will offer a pre-sale. These are the mid-year sales offered about a week before the big or actual sale is put on. There are little hints of when this is happening.

The protocol is to nonchalantly grab the brand name handbag desired and ask the cashier or salesperson if it’ll be included in the sale. If so, they may allow the sale price before the sale! It’s rare, but it happens. Being able to skip the mad rush is a bonus many don’t know about.

Auction Sites – While many of the popular auction sites are known for offering fakes when it comes to brand name handbags, this is not always true. Learning to recognize a fake will let one take advantage of great opportunities for low priced designer bags.

The majority of handbags found on these sites will be used, but with a gently used bag for half the original price one can’t go wrong. Simply conditioning the leather or getting low-cost repairs will have it looking like brand new again.


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How to Find the Best Bags at a Discount? It’s Easier Than Most Think!

images (9)Having a couture bag obsession is only a bad thing if one is spending too much. Honestly, these bags are an investment not just an accessory, so there’s a bit of an art to finding them for cheap.

Thankfully, there’s no shortage of couture bags to put on a must have list. Of course, most don’t have the option of not paying rent in order to afford them. While it may seem they rarely go on sale with a little leg work anyone can adorn their closet with these beauties. Here are some quick tips to do just that.

Ecommerce and international sites
One will be amazed at what they find on Europe-based sites. These websites sometimes offer lower prices and for the same bag one would find in the stores. That’s because the bag is made in the same country. This saves the designer import and duties taxes. A lower price is the happy result.

A quick browse on the internet for international sites may give the person who’s hoping to save on designer or couture bags the source they are looking for.
Secondhand Stores

Anyone can save major Benjamins (that’s money) when choosing a pre-owned couture bag. In fact, up to 70% can be saved and more! Just be sure to do a bit of research to ensure that the bags are authentic and check buyer reviews to make sure they got great bags in excellent condition.

Off Season Options
Bags that are offered in seasonal colors often go on sale more often than those in basic colors like black, navy and tan plus similar shades. If the bag is made from real leather, it can be dyed to black for a very low cost. This is a common trick that no one ever catches on to!

Newsletters, emails, and apps all offer immediate discount’s once a user subscribes. This allows them to get a special coupon to use towards their most desired couture bags. These small discounts of 10 or 15% actually add up to quite a lot of savings when one absolutely must have the latest design.

Special Sales
Sign up for the “Friends and Family” or other sales offered at big department stores. They hold these sales more than once per year, in fact several times. They offer blanket discounts on everything in the store, including couture bags! Most report saving around 20% on their choice items.

New Credit
While this method isn’t an option for everyone, for those who can keep a handle on a credit card signing up for new credit is a smart move. This is because there are many discount incentives when one opens a new line of credit with a retailer.

As an added bonus, holding credit means that the subscriber is automatically signed up for special sales like those stated above.

Using any or all of these methods is a great way to secure couture bags and be the envy of friends, family and coworkers. No one will even know that a great deal was obtained, and honestly who cares if they do? Shopping smart beats spending a small fortune any day. Savvy shoppers know how to get these savings and enjoy probably several more handbags than anyone else which allows them to switch them up with different outfits more often.


Look Smart Any Day of the Week

images (8)Choose Style
Since there are several styles of day bags available on the market, there is little to ask oneself outside of basic questions like if a strap is necessary, and if a cross body style would work well in that case. If one needs to use their arms for the day, that’d be a great bonus, but if just going from say one’s vehicle into the workplace then a simple, one shoulder strap or handles will work.

Basically think about when the day bag will be used most often and determine straps, no straps or what type of straps from there. This narrows down the style choices easily and quickly.

Consider the Size
Take stock of what will be carried around in the day bag. Whether it’s just keys, phone and wallet or it’ll be holding makeup, sunglasses, perfume or pens and notepad. This will determine the size needed.

Some like carrying around things “just in case,” while others are fine sticking to the essentials. A tote day bag is perfect for keeping a bit more inside, and as a bonus it has a special compartment to keep the important things in for quick finding. Otherwise a smaller, cross body bag will be perfect in most cases. This is great for keeping important items close to the body and safe.

A combination of the two works as well if one is spending the entire day out, or going to work. They can put the cross body in the tote and get it out for wearing during the day and keep the tote safely tucked away under their desk. On an outing, the tote can be kept in one’s vehicle or in a locker supplied by the destination.

The best advice when it comes to the day bag size is if one finds they are trying to cram things into a smaller bag, it’s time to increase size. No one wants to open a bag and not be able to see everything inside with ease. If the bag is large and items are swimming around inside, then a smaller may be better.

Color Choice
Never pass up a black bag, however be in the know as to what is missing from the existing wardrobe. If a black bag is already owned, then one should try a neutral in grey or a camel color. They can also go with a new texture, but still black in order to switch things up.

Keep in mind, buying off season will save a bundle on day bags. Don’t be afraid to add some color to a wardrobe with a flashy bag, it can always be dyed black later if it’s real leather.

The Price
Don’t go broke investing in day bags, be sure to keep spending within means. Save anywhere and everywhere possible, but still get the best bag that can be afforded. A cheap bag won’t last as long and one will end up spending more in the long run on replacements.

Most people get a bag and use it exclusively for a couple years. Then it can be stored away and brought out later as a classic. Some even pass them on to their children! That’s how long a good, brand name bag lasts!

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Never Lose Keys Again With These Ingenious Tricks

download (9)From purse key hooks to apps and alarms it’s easy to find the best solution. Never again go to leave somewhere and panic as to where keys are! With Bluetooth technology or a simple purse key hook one can track where they are or get an alert as to the last known location.

Since there are lots of different ways to do the tracking, check out the latest and their benefits to help make the best decision as to which will fit in with daily routines. There’s an app for that!

The latest products feature a stylish keyring to attach objects to, namely one’s keys. It can be hooked to a laptop case, a purse, basically anything that one loses on a daily basis. Once it’s attached, it can be registered with the app. Then the user will be able to locate the object with ease!

Of course, this doesn’t help if the phone is the thing being lost but a good idea is to partner with a buddy, be it a spouse or someone that lives with. This way they can back one another up with the app. Many people are even attaching these to their pets! Of course, there is no limit to what it can be used for, and there are options for both Android and iOS.


Similar to the above product, one can invest in an alarm that can be attached to keys, wallet, and phone. Then they simple depress the button that comes along with it and the alarm sounds, leading them to their lost item. The range for these items is around 200 feet, so anyone will be able to find the item within a reasonable distance from the phone or sensor. Of course, it may require some walking around. There are options that feature maps.

Purse key hooks
The purse key hooks are a great option for those who don’t want to rummage through their purse looking for keys. Most can agree that they end up doing this all the time. A purse key hook is affixed to the inside or outside of the bag and is a simple hook for the key ring. They come in basic and fancier styles depending on one’s personal taste.

The purse key hook is a good choice for people who don’t mix well with technology as it’s just a basic hook. Think about when it’s freezing outside, and foraging through a purse adds to the misery of standing in snow and ice. When it’s raining it can be just as frustrating! There are just times when one needs their house or car keys in a hurry. A purse key hook helps on that endeavor.

Other Options
Aside from these inventions, a spare key holder affixed to the vehicle or outside the house is a great investment. Racks in the home that are hung by the door will save one from searching all over the house for keys as long as they are disciplined enough to hang them up. Sometimes, a large obnoxious key chain in bright colors helps a person notice them faster as well.

Whatever it takes to do the trick, everyone can rest easy knowing there’s an option for them and they don’t have to have panic attacks when their keys are missing.


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