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Types of Hair Smoothing Treatment

download (12)This is a cosmetic procedure that is used to remove natural waves and curls from your hair. After this procedure it will give your hair a straightened smooth look. The process will generally work by using chemicals that will affect the hair molecules, breaking down the bones that give your hair strands their curls or waves. There are various types of hair smoothing treatments that range in potential damage to your hair, effectiveness, and cost.

Keratin hair smoothing treatments

This treatment is one of the most common types and is also referred to as Brazilian hair straightening. These hair smoothing treatments involves using keratin, which is a form of protein that naturally occurs in your hair follicles. Formaldehyde, a chemical is mixed with the keratin protein to help it to bond to the molecules in your hair, making them smooth. The results from this treatment will last approximately a couple of months. At this time you will need to have this treatment redone.

Chemical relaxers hair smoothing treatments

This treatment is one that is less damaging to your hair and more affordable than the others. With these hair smoothing treatments chemicals are used to soften down the bonds of the molecules of your hair and break the bonds down. It does it in a less dramatic, more gentle way than the other two treatments listed here. This treatment will help to make any tight curls into smoother waves. It will also help to soften kinky hair to make it more manageable. Because this is a relaxing treatment it will usually not produce the smooth look of the other treatments that use chemicals that are harsher. To maintain the texture you may need to redo the treatment every couple of months.

Thermal reconditioning hair smoothing treatments

This treatment is also known as Japanese hair straightening. A chemical solution will be applied and then washed. Then your hair will be blow dried and using a flat iron it will be smoothed out. Depending on the manufacturer the exact combination of the chemicals used in these hair smoothing treatments will vary. Many of the formulas used for this treatment are patent-protected. It is thought that they are effective at smoothing your hair by breaking down the molecular structure of your hair so it will keep the appearance of your smooth hair after it has be blow-dried and flat-ironed. The results from this treatment are generally permanent. This means that the texture of your hair will remain smooth until you have new hair grow in.

Such treatments can have dangerous or potentially negative consequences. Using chemicals can damage your hair and cause it to break off or become dry.

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Louis Vuitton Bags – Real or Knockoff?

download (11)These are very expensive luxury handbags with some costing over five thousand dollars. One example is a chain wallet that may cost under ten dollars in a department store, but make it a Louis Vuitton bag and it can cost almost two thousand dollars. Since 1854 this company has been creating waves in the fashion world and just thinking about owning one of their handbags is enough to make a woman sigh.

Unfortunately, there are some manufactures that have taken advantage of the name and have made and circulated knockoff Louis Vuitton bags. According to research done approximately eighty percent of people who have bought designer handbags thinking they were real are tricked or fooled into buying knockoffs at the cost of authentic handbags. The luxury handbag that is most widely knocked off and circulated as authentic are handbags from this brand.

There are some things about bags from this brand that may be able to help you know a real deal from a knockout. One thing is the price because an authentic Louis Vuitton is expensive and when you see some that “claim” to be original but seem to have a price that is “to good to be true” then it is most certainly a knockoff. A real authentic Louis Vuitton bag will have following:

• Stitching – this is a characteristic of original Louis Vuitton bags that is very important. A real bag is perfectly stitched and will not split open for many years. There are no stitches misplaced or loose threads.

• Metal hardware – if it is an original it will have metal hardware that is constructed of gold or brass metal. Look closely at the zippers because the letters “LV” are imprinted on them.

• Interiors – the interior of bags that are authentic are lined with a honey or red colored canvas and made of microfiber suede, tone-on-tone polyester, cross grain leather, or micro-monogram textile.

• Monogram – original monograms are placed carefully on the authentic bags with all sides being symmetrical plus they have gold letters printed clearly with a brown line passing through the LV logo. The monograms are accurately placed, are thin, and neatly threaded. In some the logo on one side will be placed upside down.

• Tags – the tags are placed inside a dust bag or the handbag but are not attached to the bag.

• Hardware and handles – many of the original luxury handbags have handles that are made of genuine rolled cow leather.

• Make mark – genuine Louis Vuitton bags are made in the US, Germany, Spain, France, and Italy.

It is important to remember that Louis Vuitton bags are sold on their website but are not sold in retail.

3 Things To Know Before Buying A Leather Briefcase

images (11)Whether you finally landed that big promotion or you are soon to graduate from a university and take on the world, finding the perfect leather briefcase is essential. Stepping off the metro with a fine leather briefcase in hand seems to radiate maturity, trust and devotion; it says, “I take my work seriously.” Leather briefcases are the tried and true standard for carrying and protecting vital documents, electronics, and those pesky pens that always manage to get lost in your pocket. But how do you find the perfect case that balances style and personality with quality and durability? Following are three critical things to consider as you shop.

1) Not all leather briefcases are created equal

The quality of your briefcase should be one of the biggest factors in your decision to buy. You are in it for the long haul, so do not settle for something that will break down after only a year of use. The single most important factor that determines the quality of a leather briefcase is, naturally, the leather. Real animal leather is what you want to look for. The best leathers traditionally come from France, England, and Italy, although the U.S. is increasing its good reputation in the leather market as well.

Substitute leathers are fine for anyone on a really tight budget, but keep in mind that faux leather is essentially plastic, and it won’t handle well the demands of daily travel and use. Although high-end leathers don’t come cheap, they pay for themselves over a lifetime of use. In fact, good quality leather improves with time. With continued use, leather will age and the colour might deepen, making your leather briefcase 100% unique to you.

Another key factor in the overall quality of a leather briefcase is the metal used for the locks, hinges, handles, and shoulder strap fixtures. These areas are the most common places for breakage and wear, so be on the lookout for a strong metal, and try to avoid cheap alloys. If you cannot find this information while looking on the Web, see if you can pop into a local leather briefcase retailer, or call up the manufacturer to talk to a representative.

2) There is a style that’s just right for you

There is nothing wrong with owning two or three different leather briefcases, but the majority of us are probably looking to buy just one, so finding the right style for your personality is fundamental. As you shop, take into consideration what your daily attire might look like. Is it casual or business professional? A lawyer or an executive might strive for a different look than an engineer or an editor, so determine how you want to portray yourself to others and see what fits your needs.

Leather briefcases can usually be lumped into three styles: attaché, flap over, and messenger bag. Attaché cases are the classic standard and are what most people think of when they hear “leather briefcase.” They feature a sturdy box on a hinge that opens up to a right angle. The latch typically consists of two combination locks, and the interior is usually split into two segments. It easily fits documents and files, and some modern models feature a pocket for a laptop. They offer outstanding protection because of their rigid frame, and they look smart in any board meeting.

Flap over leather briefcases are less rigid than attaché cases. They feature a softer leather construction that stands upright and latches with a leather flap that folds over the top. To most, flap overs are slightly more casual than attaché cases, making them more versatile to fit any given scenario. They can feature one, two, or three inside divides, allowing plenty of space for folders, documents, and electronics. Some flap over cases also offer an optional shoulder strap, perfect for freeing up your hands or distributing a heavy load more evenly across your body.

Messenger bag leather briefcases have their advantages in cargo space. They usually feature a roomy main compartment with zipper pockets or dividers. Although some might have a carrying handle, most messenger bags are designed as shoulder bags, and they are quite comfortable to carry because of their size and soft leather construction. Though most messenger bags can be more casual than other styles of leather briefcases, a high-end design can still get the message across that you mean business. They are perfect for anyone who needs to carry a lot in a comfortable yet stylish manner.

3) You can’t take it all with you

Leather briefcases are not suitcases; they probably cannot carry your university textbooks or your entire DVD collection. What they do offer is style, elegance, and an easy way to carry the most vital components of your average day. Be careful in deciding how much stuff you need to take with you on a daily basis because this could very well determine the style of leather briefcase that you end up buying. A good measuring stick is to simply place on a table all the essential items that you will need to perform well the next day-papers, files, computer, pens, business cards-and eyeball how much space that will take up.

If your job requires a large amount of equipment that you need both at work and at home, you might consider a messenger style leather briefcase. If you really have a lot to carry, or if you have a long walk to the office, you can find classy leather briefcases on wheels. For those of you who need simple protection for a folder or two, a single-compartment attaché or flap over case might do the trick. Whatever your preferences or needs, a leather briefcase is out there for you. Keep in mind these three things, and you will be impressing your colleagues for many years to come.


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Stay Effortlessly Classy With Polo T-Shirts

images (10)Originated back in the 19th century, a polo t-shirt is still one of the most versatile piece any man can own. This well-dressed cousin of a t-shirt was originally designed for polo and tennis players. Earlier considered to be a sportswear, has now become an essential part of a man’s wardrobe. There’s something effortlessly cool and timeless about polo t-shirts for men that make them an ideal summer wear. Being an exceptionally flexible shirt, made of light fabrics and short sleeves, it’s a must have in your closet. If worn correctly, it may turn you into a style icon! However, if done wrong, it can be a disaster!

Confused? Forget your worries! Here we explain how to buy and style men’s polo t-shirts:

1. Nail the fit!

In any outfit, the most important element to watch for is its fit! Yes, if it’s well fitted, it’s bound to look good. The sleeves should just hit the mid bicep and the length should end halfway down the trouser fly, depends on your height too. It shouldn’t be too tight or too loose. Make sure to take a quick look at the buttons and the collars too.

2. Think in Black!

Black never goes out of fashion. Consider investing in a classic black polo t-shirt. Team it up with blue ripped denims and espadrilles. Accessorize with multiple wrap leather bracelets to complete the classy look. Be ready to turn heads with it!

3. The serious polo!

Thinking about your Friday outfit at the office? Try shades like navy blue, white or gray. Match them with cropped trousers in complimentary colors and your favorite sneakers. Stripped polo tees can also be considered. Gel up your hair to finish the neat look.

4. High by the beach!

Though a polo is mainly worn with trousers and denims, think of wearing it with shorts on a beach holiday! Peppy hues like red, pink, orange and yellow can be your perfect choice. Throw some nice espadrilles or flip flops and take a hat along with you to pull off that beach look.

5. Let the style find you!

Experiment with color block tees and polka dots. Pair them with light colored trousers like beige or white. Don’t go daring with some basics like not to wear an undershirt with it, not to pop your collar and avoid unbuttoning all the buttons. Get the basics correct and stay in vogue!

Puzzled where to buy them from? Why not look online? Men’s polo t-shirts available online will not only give you an opportunity to look at a number of options in a short span of time but will also be absolutely a no sweat experience! Buy men’s polo t-shirts online and you will surely be thrilled & Remain that classy gentleman!

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