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4 Useful Tips to Buy the Perfect Special Occasion Dress

images (13)With such a plethora of special occasions to attend throughout the year, such as homecoming, prom and weddings, it is necessary for many of us to invest in a new outfit. But, in order to shop for the right outfit it helps to research the market and fully understand what is available. Here are four tips to help in the process of buying the perfect special outfit for an upcoming event:

Have a basic idea of what you want

Before starting the shopping process and visiting the local clothes stores it helps to have at least a basic idea of the type or style of dress you want. Use magazines or print media sources to get 2 or 3 dress styles that you believe will give the desired classic or sleek look, and also the desired comfort for the entire time you will have to wear it.

Don’t get fixated on one particular dress

Even if you do find the perfect looking dress while search through magazines or online, there is a great chance of not being able to find an exact copy. For this reason it makes more sense to look for particular attributes of a dress that you find appealing. For instance, some of the attributes can relate to shimmering applique, sheer panels or a train. By picking out the preferred attributes of a dress, there is the greater chance of finding an outfit that matches your look and style.

Shop online for endless options

Shopping online gives a perfect opportunity to explore an endless range of special occasion dresses. A day out to the shops can be a lot of hassle, especially if planning to buy a dress during a busy period or when a lot of people may be in tow. By going online it is possible to get instant access to all the major stores and small boutiques. Plus, many of the stores make it possible to return items for free in the event of making a poor choice in relation to color, style or not giving the desired fit.

Go with minimal alterations

Try to find the special dress that needs minimal alterations. If you have a dress with extensive detail, paillettes or sequins, the actual process of having the alterations carried out can be quite expensive. Plus, it may be necessary to find a specialized seamstress who has the ability to work on the most-unique outfits and types of fabrics.

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Types of Studs to Accent Your Clothing

images (12)If you want to liven up the plain or boring clothes, it is possible to apply a fabulous collection of studs, spikes or rivets. Buying the pre-studded clothing can be quite expensive, so the more cost-effective solution is to buy the regular top or jacket and self apply the different types of studs. Plus, there studs are relatively cheap to buy, so make it possible to invest in several different types to create the most-unique designs at home.

Types of studs

There are several different types of studs. The major difference relates to the method used to fasten the stud to clothing. The fastening methods include glue, special fastener pieces and prongs.

Most of the normal studs like hearts, stars and pyramids have the basic prong on the rear. This is a very simple fastening method and simply involves pushing the stud through an item of clothing and pulling back the prongs on the rear side. Many of the studs let you manhandle the prongs into place, although there are specialized pliers that can help complete this work.

Any of the studs with a shape similar to a spike will have a fastener to secure the item in place. This fastener is secured in place using a spike that mounts on top on the prongs. The spike is attached by hammering it in place or screwing in place. The screw on fastener is typically the easiest method to work with.

Other studs have the flat backs and are easily secured in place using high-quality bonding glue, such as E-6000. Avoid using any type of hot glue because this isn’t likely to give a very secure hold. Even though gluing the flat-backed studs may sound the easiest option, the glue isn’t able to last as long as the prong method which is basically permanent and much less likely to come apart at a later date.

Using the right type of studs

For those that are looking for something to simply accent the various items of clothing, the cone studs are usually a favorite choice, but for those interested in the most-unique and aggressive look the tree spikes are the preferred choice. The size of the studs can also vary in size and range from ½-inch to 1-inch. The small size is great for those wishing to add a touch of style to a plain item of clothing, while the larger pieces are perfect for those that wish to live dangerously.

Overall, it is possible to revive a wide range of clothing items or accessories with the studs or spikes. Some of the most popular choices include jackets, tote bags, hats, sweaters, blouses, shorts and jeans.

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Tips to Choose Your Custom Team Bride Shirts

download (14)If you are getting married sometime soon, we are sure you are busy planning every little detail of the event. For most, an elaborate photo shoot before, during and after the ceremony matters most, after all, those pictures stay with you forever as priceless memories.

Brides looking to incorporate personalized wedding items can think of custom team bride shirts for the entourage as well as family members and relatives. And, here are tips to choose the best.

Fabric options

Give special attention to the fabric choice for your custom cheap team bride shirts. The selection usually includes cotton, cotton blends and polyester blends. Each has their pros and cons. While cotton is better quality and more comfortable, it’s a slightly expensive option. Cotton and polyester blends won’t shrink, have fewer creases (can be worn without ironing) and are also cheaper. Also, take into consideration factors such as weave and thread count.

Get creative

So, to say the design is the soul of your custom team bride shirts. If it wasn’t, you’d rather buy any shirt from the market. Companies offering T-shirt printing have a collection of stock images that you can choose from. They can be printed as is or edited as per your requirement. A few companies also staff an artist who can design custom cheap team bride T-shirts, who work with you to create a unique design. You also submit an image, text or logo as well, if you have any.

When it comes to printing, you can choose to have the same design and logo printed on all shirts or a range of shirts with different designs. Think about placement too; it can make a difference.

Shirt style

Shopping for custom cheap team bride shirts also involves selecting a classy T-shirt style. There are collar options – no collar, collared, raised neckline and polo shirts. You can also go sleeveless, short-sleeves or full-sleeves.

Ink colors

Selecting the design color is also an important part of designing; the right color combination will make your shirt pop. As a thumb rule, pastel colors should never be used on lighter colored shirts and dark ink colors should never be used on dark colored shirts. If you must use a lighter color of the design and text, you can highlight it with a darker ink so that it is visible from a distance.

Finally, the shirt design and ink colors look different on computer screens and when printed. Many custom T-shirt printing companies have 3D technology to show you what your custom team bride shirt will look like. This saves you time, money and effort spent on unnecessary printing.

Printing Methods

You might want to consider the different types of printing methods for they determine how your custom cheap team bride shirts look. There’s screen printing, iron-on transfers and digital printing. Embroidery is also an option if you are looking to customize shirts.


Sizes vary according to brands and styles. Make sure you give the company the right size of shirt you want to customize. If you don’t know, you can always ask the company to help you in this regard by providing a few measurements.

Above all, work with a seller that takes all the hassles out of buying custom cheap team bride shirts. They should be skilled and professional, offer excellent craftsmanship, reliable delivery and be affordable.

Real Softness to See and Feel

download (13)The soft and refined fibre that we call “cashmere” or “golden fleece” is nothing but the undercoat of a rare goat, the kashmir that is bred in Tibet, China, the Mongolian plateau and Iran. Despite their origin, these animals are bred in different parts of the world, including Italy.

Its shearing only occurs in late spring, because it’s the hottest period of those regions. Thanks to this procedure, the best-quality wool is obtained.

A good annual production of fibre is about 200 grams per cleaned fibre. However, not all cashmere is created equal. In order to obtain good quality cashmere, goats are selected using an annually fiber test.

What makes this type of wool precious is the thickness and the diameter of each hair: the finer the fibre is, the more refined the wool will be.

Indeed, cashmere is a wavy, opaque fibre with a diameter of 14-18 microns (finer than Merino wool, the most refined sheep wool, whose diameter is about 24 microns), and an insulating power 10 times higher than wool.

Why is this type of refined wool so warm and light? Because it has a particular structure made of air chambers that favour thermal insulation. Cashmere wool is the softest kind of wool.If you wear a handmade cashmere scarf, it will be your neck’s best friend both during the bad winter weather and the summer nights.

Pure cashmere is an extremely sensitive material: taking good care of it will make you feel comfortable for years. It is also used to knit exclusive items, sweaters, shawls, beanies.

The compositions of cashmere and silk make clothes extraordinarily fine, soft and light thanks to the silk’s freshness and the cashmere’s ability of absorbing the heat emitted by the body.

When you buy a distaff of cashmere, you’ll notice that it’s coarse and unrefined. After its production, wash your cashmere item in the washing machine, so that the spin-dryer can remove the soft and microscopic hair fabrics. You can also use the dryer, but don’t dry the garment too much, otherwise cashmere won’t be as soft as it used to.

Wearing your cashmere item as often as possible will make it softer because it’s constantly rubbed against your body. For this reason, you don’t need to be afraid of using the washing machine or the dryer. However, it goes without saying that you shouldn’t use a programme that is suitable for cotton, otherwise your item will shrink!


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