Never Lose Keys Again With These Ingenious Tricks

download (9)From purse key hooks to apps and alarms it’s easy to find the best solution. Never again go to leave somewhere and panic as to where keys are! With Bluetooth technology or a simple purse key hook one can track where they are or get an alert as to the last known location.

Since there are lots of different ways to do the tracking, check out the latest and their benefits to help make the best decision as to which will fit in with daily routines. There’s an app for that!

The latest products feature a stylish keyring to attach objects to, namely one’s keys. It can be hooked to a laptop case, a purse, basically anything that one loses on a daily basis. Once it’s attached, it can be registered with the app. Then the user will be able to locate the object with ease!

Of course, this doesn’t help if the phone is the thing being lost but a good idea is to partner with a buddy, be it a spouse or someone that lives with. This way they can back one another up with the app. Many people are even attaching these to their pets! Of course, there is no limit to what it can be used for, and there are options for both Android and iOS.


Similar to the above product, one can invest in an alarm that can be attached to keys, wallet, and phone. Then they simple depress the button that comes along with it and the alarm sounds, leading them to their lost item. The range for these items is around 200 feet, so anyone will be able to find the item within a reasonable distance from the phone or sensor. Of course, it may require some walking around. There are options that feature maps.

Purse key hooks
The purse key hooks are a great option for those who don’t want to rummage through their purse looking for keys. Most can agree that they end up doing this all the time. A purse key hook is affixed to the inside or outside of the bag and is a simple hook for the key ring. They come in basic and fancier styles depending on one’s personal taste.

The purse key hook is a good choice for people who don’t mix well with technology as it’s just a basic hook. Think about when it’s freezing outside, and foraging through a purse adds to the misery of standing in snow and ice. When it’s raining it can be just as frustrating! There are just times when one needs their house or car keys in a hurry. A purse key hook helps on that endeavor.

Other Options
Aside from these inventions, a spare key holder affixed to the vehicle or outside the house is a great investment. Racks in the home that are hung by the door will save one from searching all over the house for keys as long as they are disciplined enough to hang them up. Sometimes, a large obnoxious key chain in bright colors helps a person notice them faster as well.

Whatever it takes to do the trick, everyone can rest easy knowing there’s an option for them and they don’t have to have panic attacks when their keys are missing.


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