Real Softness to See and Feel

download (13)The soft and refined fibre that we call “cashmere” or “golden fleece” is nothing but the undercoat of a rare goat, the kashmir that is bred in Tibet, China, the Mongolian plateau and Iran. Despite their origin, these animals are bred in different parts of the world, including Italy.

Its shearing only occurs in late spring, because it’s the hottest period of those regions. Thanks to this procedure, the best-quality wool is obtained.

A good annual production of fibre is about 200 grams per cleaned fibre. However, not all cashmere is created equal. In order to obtain good quality cashmere, goats are selected using an annually fiber test.

What makes this type of wool precious is the thickness and the diameter of each hair: the finer the fibre is, the more refined the wool will be.

Indeed, cashmere is a wavy, opaque fibre with a diameter of 14-18 microns (finer than Merino wool, the most refined sheep wool, whose diameter is about 24 microns), and an insulating power 10 times higher than wool.

Why is this type of refined wool so warm and light? Because it has a particular structure made of air chambers that favour thermal insulation. Cashmere wool is the softest kind of wool.If you wear a handmade cashmere scarf, it will be your neck’s best friend both during the bad winter weather and the summer nights.

Pure cashmere is an extremely sensitive material: taking good care of it will make you feel comfortable for years. It is also used to knit exclusive items, sweaters, shawls, beanies.

The compositions of cashmere and silk make clothes extraordinarily fine, soft and light thanks to the silk’s freshness and the cashmere’s ability of absorbing the heat emitted by the body.

When you buy a distaff of cashmere, you’ll notice that it’s coarse and unrefined. After its production, wash your cashmere item in the washing machine, so that the spin-dryer can remove the soft and microscopic hair fabrics. You can also use the dryer, but don’t dry the garment too much, otherwise cashmere won’t be as soft as it used to.

Wearing your cashmere item as often as possible will make it softer because it’s constantly rubbed against your body. For this reason, you don’t need to be afraid of using the washing machine or the dryer. However, it goes without saying that you shouldn’t use a programme that is suitable for cotton, otherwise your item will shrink!


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