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Pick the Right Type of Designer Handbag for Any Occasion

download (7)The big brand names are just some of the big names that women search for worldwide. These companies among others are trend setting and always fashion forward so it makes sense that these timeless handbags are at the top of every woman’s wish list. Further, every subsequently created bag is made to complement the previous season’s favorites.

Many don’t know that with each bag comes a story. They could be designed for or named after popular fashion icons like Princess Diana, Grace Kelly and even fictional character Carrie Bradshaw from the famous television show in the City. Women adore these handbags and are still jonesing for them years after they were introduced.

Price Tags – They Can Be Shocking
Most of these brands of handbag and those similar are known for their brand name, value that holds and of course their enormous price tags. In fact, the most luxurious can range all the way up to $200,000 or more in the U.S. Most aren’t able to not pay mortgage for a year in order to own one, but some can!

Thankfully, the fine materials and craftsmanship like no other means they can be used for many years. Some even put them away for a couple years then pull them out again and call them classics. Think of these handbags as fashion investments, and know that they can be found for less than their original retail pricing with a little bit of leg work.

Another great thing about designer handbags is that they can easily transfer from day use to night. They can work well with a casual outfit, business suit or evening wear. Due to this fact many fashionable women choose to let this be a justification for the price tag.

Furthermore, they opt to pass these gems down to their children as a sort of fashion keepsake. The fact they can survive many lifetimes and still be attractive is a plus. Here are some of the classic styles to look for when searching for brand name handbags.

Envelope Flap Bag
The envelope flap bag is a classic style seen by most manufacturers worldwide. It looks just like an envelope, and comes in many materials and colors. They can feature a magnetic clasp which is most popular, but also button closures and snaps but there is typically only one right in the middle of the envelope “flap.”

It can be carried as a clutch or one can use the chain or leather strap to carry it over her shoulder.

Day Clutch
A day clutch is a small handbag that is usually big enough for a wallet and phone, and possibly a tube of lip gloss. It’s perfect for just the essentials and is often seen with a formal outfit. However, there are also styles for everyday use with more of a casual look featuring leather, burlap, and other materials.

Cross Body
The cross body is great for anyone heading out for the day and they need to have their hands free for activities. Amusement parks, tourist activities, shopping and more are all great excursions to employ a cross body handbag.

Another great use is during the work day, if one is heading out for lunch and needs to leave most of their stash at work. They can slip their ID and credit card and maybe a compact in the cross body and head out for their hour.

A tote style handbag is much bigger, and great if one is heading out for a weekend and they need to bring “everything.” It’s convenient to have it all in just one bag.