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How to Find the Best Bags at a Discount? It’s Easier Than Most Think!

images (9)Having a couture bag obsession is only a bad thing if one is spending too much. Honestly, these bags are an investment not just an accessory, so there’s a bit of an art to finding them for cheap.

Thankfully, there’s no shortage of couture bags to put on a must have list. Of course, most don’t have the option of not paying rent in order to afford them. While it may seem they rarely go on sale with a little leg work anyone can adorn their closet with these beauties. Here are some quick tips to do just that.

Ecommerce and international sites
One will be amazed at what they find on Europe-based sites. These websites sometimes offer lower prices and for the same bag one would find in the stores. That’s because the bag is made in the same country. This saves the designer import and duties taxes. A lower price is the happy result.

A quick browse on the internet for international sites may give the person who’s hoping to save on designer or couture bags the source they are looking for.
Secondhand Stores

Anyone can save major Benjamins (that’s money) when choosing a pre-owned couture bag. In fact, up to 70% can be saved and more! Just be sure to do a bit of research to ensure that the bags are authentic and check buyer reviews to make sure they got great bags in excellent condition.

Off Season Options
Bags that are offered in seasonal colors often go on sale more often than those in basic colors like black, navy and tan plus similar shades. If the bag is made from real leather, it can be dyed to black for a very low cost. This is a common trick that no one ever catches on to!

Newsletters, emails, and apps all offer immediate discount’s once a user subscribes. This allows them to get a special coupon to use towards their most desired couture bags. These small discounts of 10 or 15% actually add up to quite a lot of savings when one absolutely must have the latest design.

Special Sales
Sign up for the “Friends and Family” or other sales offered at big department stores. They hold these sales more than once per year, in fact several times. They offer blanket discounts on everything in the store, including couture bags! Most report saving around 20% on their choice items.

New Credit
While this method isn’t an option for everyone, for those who can keep a handle on a credit card signing up for new credit is a smart move. This is because there are many discount incentives when one opens a new line of credit with a retailer.

As an added bonus, holding credit means that the subscriber is automatically signed up for special sales like those stated above.

Using any or all of these methods is a great way to secure couture bags and be the envy of friends, family and coworkers. No one will even know that a great deal was obtained, and honestly who cares if they do? Shopping smart beats spending a small fortune any day. Savvy shoppers know how to get these savings and enjoy probably several more handbags than anyone else which allows them to switch them up with different outfits more often.