Why Silk Sarees Are the Most Expensive in the World

images (5)The Wonder of Indian Silk
Today, pure silk is still the most adored, revered and precious fabric in the world, owing to its natural sheen and lustre. Like gold, pure silk enjoys its status symbol, defining luxury, class, tradition and sophistication with clothing. It is easily woven, blended, dyed and embroidered, making it ideal for designing Indian clothes, especially the magnificent saree. It is no wonder that India manufactures so much silk, and it is also the world’s biggest consumer of silk!

Although modern sarees come in many varieties, the most exclusive ones in the world are still fabricated out of silk. Each saree is a work of art that is treasured for lifetime and sometimes handed down by the generations.

Wedding Sarees – for tradition
Even the modern bride wants to be enveloped in tradition on her big day. Benarasis or kanjeevarams are the best choice for wedding and festive occasions as they are crafted out of the purest silk, embellished with heavy golden zari work.

Handloom Sarees – for grace
Saree-lovers find the graceful, classy handloom sarees made of silk perfect to wear at festivals and family gatherings. These are steeped in tradition, and they represent an industry that has clothed women and men for centuries, even before clothes were fashionable. Although modern handloom sarees are trendsetters, the ancient weaving techniques and the designs remain the same. Thus, India has an endless variety of handspun yarn with a variety of texture, colour and feel.

Modern Sarees – affordable fashion
Modern Indian women want to look fashionable yet traditional, so the modern silk fabrics have reduced the craze for pure silk fabric. These have recently become the hottest selling fabrics on the Internet since they are easy to maintain and they cost less. Art silk sarees may be synthetic but they emulate the real thing quite well! They can also be easily embroidered, dyed and cared for. Silk cotton varieties like chanderi sarees and kora silk are lightweight and are also popular.

Designer Sarees – for glam
Designer silk sarees are sometimes expensive and are worn at important occasions like weddings or red-carpet events. But if you wish to flaunt your class, you will have to choose the saree with right fabric and not the most expensive one. A silk saree itself speaks style and eloquence irrespective of the embroidery. Grab the opportunity to drape yourself in a charismatic silk saree by procuring one from the online stores offering exquisite and royal collection.